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Download The Alcoholics by Jim Thompson EPUB, LIT and other &__


The Alcoholics by Jim Thompson

!Download The Alcoholics by Jim Thompson!


Published August 5th 2014 by Mulholland Books | ISBN: 0316403954 | 192 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF/KINDLE

Dr. Peter S. Murphy needs fifteen thousand dollars by the end of the day, or the city of Los Angeles can say goodbye to the El Healtho clinic. A recovery center for the most severe cases of alcoholism in the state--even if no one ever does quite seem to get dry there--El Healtho has been the bane of Dr. Murphy's existence ever since he started running it. But now that its doors are about to close forever, Dr. Murphy finds he'll do anything to keep it open.

Up to and including admitting Humphrey Van Twyne III, a patient with an extremely violent past whose wealthy family has the means to keep El Healtho open for business. Sure, the man isn't exactly an alcoholic. And yes, what he really needs is to be under the care of the surgeons who performed the lobotomy that's rendered Van Twyne all but a vegetable. But the money's good--until the rag-tag group of ne'er-do-wells at El Healtho begin to wreak havoc with Dr. Murphy's plans, and suddenly no one day has ever seemed so long.

A literary precursor to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, THE ALCOHOLICS is Thompson like you've never read him before, a pitch-black, mad-cap portrait of deviant behavior that is at once darkly comic, humane and harrowing.

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Download Three Fates by Nora Roberts EPUB, LIT and other @!(


Three Fates by Nora Roberts

!Download Three Fates by Nora Roberts!

EPUB, Mobi, Kindle, PDF | English | 467 Pages
Published March 25th 2003 by Jove
ISBN: 0515135062


When the Lusitania sank, one survivor became a changed man, giving up his life as a petty thief—but keeping the small silver statue he lifted, a family heirloom to future generations. Now, nearly a century later, that priceless heirloom, one of a long-separated set of three, has been stolen. And Malachi, Gideon, and Rebecca Sullivan are determined to recover their great-great-grandfather’s treasure, reunite the Three Fates, and make their fortune.The quest will take them from their home in Ireland to Helsinki, Prague, and New York where they will meet a brilliant scholar who will aid them in their hunt—and an ambitious woman who will stop at nothing to acquire the Fates...




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The Alcoholics by Jim Thompson>>>0rHMav7xK

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Download Undercity by Catherine Asaro EPUB, KINDLE and other )@!


Undercity by Catherine Asaro

!Download Undercity by Catherine Asaro!

EPUB, Mobi, Kindle, PDF | English | 304 Pages
Published December 2nd 2014 by Baen
ISBN: 1476736928


BOOK ONE IN A BRAND NEW SERIES by Nebula and Hugo Award Winner Catherine Asaro set in the world of her Skolian Empire universe. In the galaxy-spanning future, Major Bhaajan is a tough female P.I. who works the dangerous streets of Undercity.

Major Bhaajan, a former military officer with Imperial Space Command, is now a hard-bitten P.I. with a load of baggage to deal with, and clients with woes sometimes personal, sometimes galaxy-shattering, and sometimes both. Bhaajan must sift through the shadows of dark and dangerous Undercity—the enormous capital of a vast star empire—to find answers.




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Three Fates by Nora Roberts>>>w1K2C99E7

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